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It’s okay to grieve


A question that Saying Goodbye often hears is,  ‘Is it right for me to grieve?’  and the answer is yes, it is right to grieve. For most people, love begins the moment there is a positive pregnancy test, so whenever a loss happens, you are grieving a life.

Most people’s initial response to any loss is shock. For some people their bodies go into auto drive, and they continue with the basic functions of life without even thinking. For others, their immediate response is to shut themselves away and pretend the world isn’t moving on. Both of these are completely normal reactions, but what is essential is that the grieving process is allowed to happen.

Help with working through grief

As we have stated, grief is different for everyone, and what is most important is having the support and help that is right for you. At Saying Goodbye, we provide support and remembrance services that will help you process and deal with your grief, and allow your baby’s life to be acknowledged and remembered in a beautiful and fitting way.

There can be so many questions, so much uncertainty, but a key place to begin is to simply allow yourself time to talk. Talk with your partner, talk with your family and friends, let them know where you are at, and if appropriate ask them to help and support you as you work through the loss. The importance of communication and actually talking about the loss can be incredibly healing. It breaks down the taboo nature of baby loss, and brings recognition to the life lost or cut short.

Saying Goodbye can also provide befrienders. People who have gone through and come through a similar experience to you, who are willing to listen and offer advice when you need it on how to move forward in a positive way. Grief does not need to be feared, it can be worked through, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The telephone number for the charity is an administrative number, not a daily helpline. If you require support, please email [email protected]. Any messages left on the phone number will be passed to the support team, and a volunteer will respond to you, however, this may take some time.

Loss explained

Saying Goodbye have produced films that try to explain the feelings of loss.

The first film tries to explain the pain of loss, and the importance of getting support.

The second film is about grief, and the feelings surrounding loss.

The third film is for children and their parents. Presented by Dr Ranj Singh, well known paediatrician and broadcaster, it helps to explain baby loss utilising simple terminology.