Social Media Support

For many people, social media is now the way that they communicate. They tweet friends about going out, update their Facebook status, Instagram their latest pictures and pin items that stir the heart on Pinterest. For this reason the charity has embraced the use of social media, as a leading source of support.

When people go through baby loss, many now go online, searching for explanations, advice, information and support; hoping that someone can help make sense of what they are going through.

The Mariposa Trust utilises multiple channels and platforms to provide a wide range of information, advice, encouragement and much more. By using social media like Twitter and Facebook, the support team are able to provide real time support and assistance to individuals, as well as wider support and help to anyone in need. Additionally, there are video interviews available on YouTube, which have been made by the charity, exploring personal stories of loss and hope.

Saying Goodbye Twitter

Saying Goodbye Facebook

Saying Goodbye YouTube



The charity currently has tens of thousands of people interacting over social media each week, with posts and activity reaching in excess of 2,000,000 people on some weeks.