Early Years & Neonatal Loss

Loss after birth

The loss of a child after birth, whether the loss be a neonatal loss (within the first 28-days), or within the initial months or years of life, is heartbreaking.

Neonatal Loss

Neonatal loss is the technical term for a loss during the first 28-days of life. In some cases there may have been difficulties or problems identified during the pregnancy, which has meant that the chance of survival beyond 28-days is unlikely, while for many others premature birth, low birth weight, infection or one of a variety of other medical reasons may cause a neonatal loss.

How common is neonatal or early years loss?

There are around 2300 babies lost within the first 28-days of life each year in the UK. The number of children lost after this stage reduces dramatically.

Important Note:

All information on this website, and advice and support offered by the charity team is on a non-medical basis. The charity advises that anyone going through baby loss, medical treatment or health issues, should seek advice from their own GP, Consultant, Midwife or Healthcare Professional.

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