Private Healthcare

Though the majority of people will utilise the free local treatment offered on the NHS, some people may look to private healthcare options. Private clinics and hospitals offer a range of services from emergency ultrasound and 4D scanning, private midwifery, OBGYN consultations, screening, private delivery and much more. The majority of hospitals offering private maternity services are within London, though many private clinics operate other services across the UK, and private consultations take place at most NHS hospitals. Private scans can cost from around £60 up to £500.

If you have a Private Healthcare policy with a company such as BUPA, policies will standardly not include any maternity cover. However, if you have medical conditions that may make birth or pregnancy, difficult or dangerous to your health, your policy MAY cover you to have private treatment, including consultations, scans and operations following the loss of your baby. These can be carried out by private consultants, sometimes at NHS hospitals or at Private Hospitals such as the Portland Hospital for Women and Children in London.