Remembered with Love

The Christmas Wall of Remembrance is a place of love, it allows you to put a message up in honour of the child you have lost, or in remembrance of a baby a family member or friend has lost.

Messages are compiled and messages added each week. Click here to make a donation and to add your message.

Freya Alison McPhee

Freya Alison McPhee 22nd August 2012 Sleep our beautiful angel, on your pillow in the sky. Angels are forever, so we’ll never say goodbye. Loved and missed always, Mummy, Daddy & Ashton xxx

Baby Young

In memory of our baby who, despite never gracing the world with their presence, made a huge and welcome impact on our lives. Baby Young, lost at 11 weeks

The Smith Babies

To our seven babies, planted on Earth to Bloom in Heaven love mummy and daddy and big sister Poppy xxxx

Emma Faith

In memory of our little Emma Faith, born sleeping at 38 weeks and her older brother & sister whose heartbeats we never got to see. In our thoughts and our hearts forever. Mummy, Daddy and brother Luke xxx

Ava Grace

To the memory of my darling first grandchild Ava Grace who lived for nearly four days. Miss you so much my shining star.

Rory Edward

In loving memory of our beautiful baby boy Rory Edward. Mummy and daddy miss you more than you will ever know sweet boy xxxxxx

Amanda’s Babies

A constant ache in my heart for each of my babies lost and unnamed but never forgotten, 1978, 1981, 1984, 1986. Longing to be reunited.

Little Star

Goodbye my beautiful little star. We miss you so. Love from Mummy, Daddy big sisters Indi & Xanthe & big brother Ro xx

Baby Hanson

With love x

Rory H

An angel in the book of life wrote down my baby’s birth. Then whispered as she closed the book ‘too beautiful for earth’ Rory H 1. Jan 2008

Summer Erin Wilson

Summer Erin Wilson.. we will never be the same without you. shine bright girly pop xx

Baby Jack

Dear Jack, I am sure you were a boy, but if you were a girl then it doesn’t matter because the love will always overflow for you and miss you. You were too ill to make it and I had to set you free. Never forgotten, my first baby xxx love Mummy

Baby Gibson

Baby Gibson. “Once you are real you can’t become unreal again. It lasts for always.” xx

Baby Langhorne

Baby Langhorne 7th November 2001 at 7 weeks. Baby Hardman 12th May 2015 at 9 weeks. We love you both so much and I think of you both each and every day. Lots of love and I miss you both so much but I know you are both around me xxxxxxxx

Angel Cunningham

Angel we never got to meet you or hold you but we will hold you in our heart’s until our heart’s stop beating then we will finally get to hold you in our arm’s… Angel Cunningham 22/10/2012

Edward Raymond Cabo Pearson

In memory of Edward Raymond Cabo Pearson. Will always be in Our Hearts

Our Two Angels

To our two angels lost too early in October 2015 and July 2016. Mummy and Daddy love and miss you both so much – you will both forever be in our hearts xxx

Baby Brown

Not a day goes past that I don’t think off you. Love you so much. You will always be my first baby xx

Baby Taylor

We lost you at 13 weeks, but even though we didn’t get to meet you, you had such an impact on our lives. There will always be what ifs, but we will never forget you angel one. xxxxx

To our gorgeous ginger nut

Eleanor Chrissy Hope, gone too soon at just 7 weeks old. You’ve taught us strength, perseverance and how to be graceful. We miss you with an ache that can never be explained. Love you forever, mummy and daddy x X x

Bb Booton

Bb Booton Our grade 4bb embryo. Back where you belonged in July. Perfect at the 7 and 8 week scans, it was magical to see your heart beating and you doubled in size. You’d left us by the 10 week scan, we just didn’t know. With Babba Bean now xxx

Babba Bean Booton

Babba Bean Booton Due one month today. From a beautiful grade 4ab embryo in February to a 6 and a half week baby, heartbeat and all, until we said goodbye to you at 8 and a half weeks pregnant. We loved you from day one and we’ll love you forever.

My Beautiful Little Girl

Our little one, my angel, my beautiful little girl. I wish I had held you in my arms. I love you forever and think of you every day. 19 Sep 2014.