Saying Goodbye Candle Lighting Events

This is a chance for the Saying Goodbye team to light a candle for people who may not be able to get along to a service, but want their baby to be honoured and remembered in this special way. There is no restriction on how many candles a family can request, as each baby lost deserves to be remembered, so if a family have lost three babies they can request three candles to be lit.

If you would like the Saying Goodbye team to light a candle in remembrance of your lost baby (or a family members baby), simply email us with the name of the baby or the date the baby was lost.

Email: [email protected]

Please put the following in the subject line: National candle lighting event

This event happens twice a year, immediately after an SG service.

Here are two short films recorded at the 2015 candle lighting events. (Please be aware that this is amateur footage, and is not professionally recorded.)