The Content of the Services

Each of the services follows a similar format, so whichever service you are able to attend from Inverness to Exeter, Paris to New York, you will experience a similar service. Each service contains at least one act of remembrance or ‘symbolic act’. This may be the lighting of a candle, or the ringing of a hand bell, but please be assured, this is not you letting go of the child or children you have lost or letting go of their memory; it is simply a mark of remembrance, and acknowledging a life cut short.

The services are filled with secular music and poetry, allowing you to remember and grieve, as well as a short message of hope by senior clergy, and short prayers. Regardless of your faith or beliefs, we hope that some, or all of these elements will bring some peace to you.

No formal counselling is provided at services, but the Saying Goodbye team are always available to talk, should it be needed.

The Music in the Services

The music in the services offer you time to reflect. The charity has been able to secure a wonderful team of international singers and musicians to perform at the services.

Why Cathedrals?

Saying Goodbye Service Cathedrals

One of the questions the charity is often asked is ‘Why Cathedrals?’ The answer is “Because our babies deserve to be honoured in wonderful, awe inspiring places.”

The charity want all people to feel at ease attending the services, and as the venues chosen are used for many non-religious events as well as religious services, the hope is that people of every faith, or no faith will feel comfortable attending.

Cathedrals and the other venues the charity uses, are centrally located, easy to find, and offer plenty of space, so not only people who have lost a baby themselves can attend, but also their supportive friends and extended family, who may also feel a need to say goodbye to their niece, nephew or grandchild.

Extra Information

Each of the venues cater for people with any mobility restrictions or disabilities. At times there are designated areas in the venues for people in wheelchairs, or for people who have hearing or visual impairment.

Babies & children are more than welcome to attend, however there are no childcare facilities or creches available. The charity simply asks that people are sensitive to those grieving around them.

The services are free to attend, however there are substantial costs involved in planning and hosting these services, including venue costs, printing and ancillary expenses. The charity therefore takes a collection at each service, with the hope that these expenses will be covered, to enable Saying Goodbye to keep functioning.