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Inside Bristol Cathedral at a Saying Goodbye Service

The Saying Goodbye Services are the first international set of remembrance services for people who have lost a child at any stage of pregnancy, at birth or in infancy, whether the loss be recent or 80 years ago.

Since 2012, over 70 services have been held across the UK, North America and France, allowing many thousands of people to remember the babies they have lost. The services are completely free to attend, do not need tickets or any advance bookings, and are open to anyone of any faith or no faith. They have been strategically located, to make them accessible to as many people as possible, and services take place within 60-90 minutes of the majority of the UK population.

The Mariposa Trust is a non-religious charity, but has seen the importance of the Saying Goodbye services taking place in magnificent Cathedrals, Minsters and Abbey’s. These venues are used for the most important events of state, from coronations and weddings to important civic events, and services of remembrance should take no less a place within society. The services follow an Anglican format, and include secular music, poetry, acts of remembrance and other elements.


Who Can Attend the Services?

The services are for women and men who have suffered the loss of a baby, as well as for their children and their extended family and friends, whether the loss be recent or historic. Additionally we welcome anyone who is grieving the fact that they have never had children.

It should also be noted that all are welcome regardless of the type or circumstances of loss they have experienced. Whether you have been through early or late miscarriage, missed miscarriage, an ectopic or molar pregnancy, stillbirth, neonatal or early infant loss or any other type of baby or child loss, all are welcome.

If you need to say goodbye to a baby or to grieve, or you want to come along with a friend who needs to say goodbye, you are welcome at any of the services.

Why Should I Attend the Services?

Loss at any stage is traumatic. Early loss is often not acknowledged or discussed, with commemorative services seldom taking place. Services for babies who are stillborn or lost in early years, are usually conducted while parents are in a fog of grief and pain.

The services will give you the opportunity to stand with other people ‘who know’ the pain of losing a child, and offer you a time to publicly acknowledge and remember children who have been lost.

For lots of questions and answers about the services, please see the ‘Attending a Saying Goodbye Service‘ page

Saying Goodbye Service Dates & Locations

Below are the dates of upcoming Saying Goodbye (SG) Services. If you would like to know more about any of the services, please Contact Us.

Date Time Event Event Poster (PDF)
14/04/2018 1:00pm SG Service at Exeter Cathedral, Exeter
22/04/2018 3:00pm SG Service at Sunderland Minster, Sunderland
12/05/2018 10:30am SG Service at Winchester Cathedral, Winchester
03/06/2018 3:30pm SG Service at St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast Event Poster
09/06/2018 7:30pm SG Service at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford Event Poster
16/06/2018 3:00pm SG Service at Derby Cathedral, Derby Event Poster
14/07/2018 2:30pm SG Service at Manchester Cathedral, Manchester Event Poster
21/07/2018 11:00am SG Service at Tewkesbury Abbey, Tewkesbury Event Poster
08/09/2018 3:30pm SG Service at Malmesbury Abbey, Malmesbury Event Poster
09/09/2018 3:00pm SG Service at Wimborne Minster, Wimborne Event Poster
22/09/2018 11:00am SG Service at Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow Event Poster
26/09/2018 7:30pm SG Service at St Andrew's Cathedral, Inverness Event Poster
14/10/2018 1:30pm SG Service at Lincoln Cathedral, Lincoln Event Poster
21/10/2018 4:00pm SG Service at Bradford Cathedral, Bradford Event Poster
27/10/2018 2:30pm SG Service at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff Event Poster
18/11/2018 6:30pm SG Service at Ely Cathedral, Ely Event Poster
25/11/2018 3:30pm SG Service at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster Event Poster

The services have limited space. Seats will be allocated on a first come, first seated basis.

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Saying Goodbye services take place across the UK, US and France with services normally taking place in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Oxford, Exeter, Plymouth, Winchester, Belfast, Kings Lynn, Tewkesbury, Derby, Wimborne, Malmesbury, Sunderland, Inverness, Lincoln, Bradford,
Chelmsford, Ely, Paris (France) and Boston (USA).

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