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About Saying Goodbye Services

Inside Bristol Cathedral at a Saying Goodbye Service

The services will be taking place at Cathedrals and Minsters across the UK. Each of the services will follow a similar format, but each will have its own individuality.

The format generally includes music by the resident choir, gospel choirs or musicians, poetry and readings, multimedia presentations, personal messages, prayers, a message of hope and more. Each is structured in such a way as to allow you to come and take part, or you can simply sit and listen.

Saying Goodbye Service Dates & Locations

Below are the dates of upcoming Saying Goodbye Services. If you would to know more about any of the services, please Contact Us.

29/11/20153:30pmSG Service at Westminster Central Hall, London
21/11/201511:30amSG Service at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff
15/11/20156:30pmSG Service at Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire
07/11/201511:00amUSA - SG Service at Boston Episcopal Cathedral, USA - POSTPONED
31/10/20151:00pmUSA - SG Service at Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral, USA
24/10/20152:00pmUSA - SG Service at St Bartholomew's Church, Park Avenue, New York
18/10/20154:00pmSG Service at Bradford Cathedral, Bradford
11/10/20156:00pmSG Service at Chelmsford Cathedral, Essex
10/10/20153:00pmSG Service at Derby Cathedral, Derby
03/10/20153:30pmSG Service at Bristol Cathedral, Bristol
27/09/20153:30pmSG Service at Ripon Cathedral, Ripon - POSTPONED
23/09/20157:30pmSG Service at St Andrews Cathedral, Inverness - POSTPONED
19/09/201511:00amSG Service at Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow
05/09/20151:30pmSG Service at Exeter Cathedral, Exeter
18/07/201512:30pmSG Service at Canterbury Cathedral, Canterbury
27/06/20153:00pmSG Service at Portsmouth Cathedral, Portsmouth
20/06/20151:30pmSG Service at Norwich Cathedral, Norwich
06/06/201511:30amSG Service at Manchester Cathedral, Manchester
31/05/20153:30pmSG Service at St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast
16/05/201511:00amSG Service at Winchester Cathedral, Winchester
25/04/20153:00pmSG Service at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
06/12/20142:00pmSG Service - NEW YORK, USA - St Bart's on Park Ave
30/11/20143:30pmSG Service at Westminster Central Hall, London
22/11/201411:30amSG Service at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff
31/10/20147:30pmSG Service at Ely Cathedral
25/10/20143:00pmSG Service at Leicester Cathedral
19/10/20144:00pmSG Service at Bradford Cathedral
27/09/20141:30pmSG Service at York Minster
24/09/20147:30pmSG Service at St Andrews Cathedral, Inverness
21/09/20141:30pmSG Service at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh
20/09/201411:00amSG Service at Glasgow Cathedral
13/09/20144:00pmSG Service at Exeter Cathedral
26/07/20145:00pmSG Service at Canterbury Cathedral
12/07/20142:30pmSG Service at Manchester Cathedral
22/06/20143:00pmSG Service at Carlisle Cathedral
01/06/20143:30pmSG Service at St Anne's Cathedral, Belfast
17/05/20142:00pmSG Service at Winchester Cathedral
11/05/20143:00pmSG Service at St Albans Cathedral
10/05/20143:00pmSG Service at Derby Cathedral
29/03/20143:00pmSG Service at Portsmouth Cathedral
07/12/20133:30pmSG Service at Bristol Cathedral
23/11/20133:00pmSG Service at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff
17/11/20134:00pmSG Service at Bradford Cathedral
09/11/20132:00pmSG Service at Lichfield Cathedral
19/10/20134:00pmSG Service at Exeter Cathedral
15/10/20137:30pmSaying Goodbye Service at Ely Cathedral
13/10/20136:00pmSG Service at Chelmsford Cathedral
28/09/20131:30pmSG Service at York Minster
25/09/20137:30pmSG Service at Carlisle Cathedral
22/09/20133:30pmSG Service at St Mary's Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh
21/09/201311:00amSG Service at Glasgow Cathedral
06/07/201311:30amSG Service at Canterbury Cathedral
08/06/20135:30pmSG Service at Chichester Cathedral
18/05/20132:00pmSG Service at St Nicholas Cathedral, Newscastle
11/05/20132:00pmSG Service at Winchester Cathedral
20/04/20133:00pmSG Service at Leicester Cathedral
13/04/20131:30pmSG Service at Durham Cathedral
09/03/20133:30pmSG Service at Manchester Cathedral
29/09/20121:30pmSaying Goodbye Service at York Minster
22/09/20123:00pmSaying Goodbye Service at St. Mary’s Episcopal Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland
15/09/20123:00pmSaying Goodbye Service at Exeter Cathedral

The services have limited space. Seats will be allocated on a first come, first seated basis.

Other services are currently being confirmed, including London, Northern Ireland and others – please check this page for updates.

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